The Hexachords Album Cover
Craig Simonetti, arranger, distinguishes himself with award-winning settings of contemporary music for numerous vocal ensembles. He has won awards multiple times in the International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella and the International Championship of High School A Cappella for Outstanding Arrangement for the Entire Set . Craig’s arrangements continue to be heard in his a cappella group, Blacklight, and his former group, The Hexachords, featured on Season 2 of Sing It On! on Pop TV , as well as in ICHSA sets from groups in his area.
He specializes in educating young a cappella performers, using his expertise in vocal pedagogy and beatboxing to conduct workshops for groups in the greater Boston area.  Blacklight, a vocal ensemble he co-founded with Diana Galeano, delivers high energy a cappella performances of dance music that emphasizes beatboxing to their audiences.  David Longo, the CEO of The Vocal Company , writes that his beatboxing “will shake the fiber of your being.”​ Craig  is a teacherarranger, singer, beatboxer, and a cappella expert
Photo by Sue Teplansky