Present and Future

Face Music- April 8, 2018
Vocal Health- January 27, 2018

Face Music: Doing More with Beatbox:  In this class, students will learn to do more with vocal percussion in ways that still support the arrangement, discover what successful solo, tag team, and crew beatboxers around the world do to make innovative music, and learn how to incorporate elements of solo beatbox into a cappella music to push the boundaries of what kinds of music we can make with our faces. Being a creative beatboxer/vocal percussionist does not mean stealing the spotlight, it means exploring the spectrum of emotion we can express with percussive sounds.
Vocal Health: ​Taking care of your voice is talked about constantly, but there is still a ton of disagreement about what exactly you can and can't do with your voice. Come to this workshop if you want to learn the ins and outs ofvocal health and hygiene, along with conditioning your voice for tasks that your a cappella group asks for in ways that your classical voice teacher would approve of (e.g. belting, singing with grit, growling, beatbox sound effects, etc...) 

Past and Present

Party of Six- April 8, 2017
Behind the Beats- May 15, 2016

PARTY OF SIX: Here, participants will learn the nitty gritty of making the transition from a collegiate group to a professional group, as well as making the most of individual personalities and voice qualities in a small group (4-6). Topics include, but are not limited to, arranging for the small group, business skills/where to begin, and transitioning from a collegiate group to a professional group (both by an audition process and by taking your entire collegiate group and making it a professional group). The panel will include Craig Simonetti (The Hexachords), Diana Galeano (The Hexachords), Linnea Henningson (The Hexachords) Xander Teplansky (The Hexachords), Angela Longo (Musae), Sam Creighton (Musae), and Mel Daneke (Musae).
Behind the Beats: Learn the 3 basic sounds for vocal percussion, hi-hat, kick drum, and snare drum; beatbox as a group; improve your improv; and learn microphone technique! Beginners: In this workshop, you will learn the basic sounds and begin experimenting and improving those sounds individually. Intermediate/advanced: you will improve your basic sounds and workshop your own, more complex, beats and sounds. 
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